The BIG Event!

April 1st - 11th

11 Day LIVE Deep Dive Energy Recalibration Overhaul!

Life is created the EXACT same way for all of us. There are 3 Primary Energy Systems that work together to create, fuel, and build your life.

All of these energy systems operate under a specific set of principle based rules that govern and determine everything you experince in your life, from the best to the worst.

These Principles are called The PowerLife Principles.

And when you understand them and how to use them correctly, you understand yourself and exactly how you work so you can operate as you are designed to operate! You're a bad ass and it's about time you experince that!

Why do you win sometimes but not others?

Why do you procrastinate and self sabotage?

Why does it seem like you always have "bad luck?

What in the holy hell is that annoying and crippling "sense of urgency" that constantly nags at you to find or do something, causing anxiety and fratcured focus making you jump from thing to thing like a lunatic? And how do you grab that MF'er by the throat and alchemize that energy into PURE POWER?

Why do you constantly break promises to yourself making sure you NEVER get the results when you REALLY, REALLY want the results?

Why do somethings feed you so much energy you feel unstoppable but other things seem to drain, water down, and deflate your energy, enthusiasm for life, excitment, drive, and ambition?

And how do you set up your life so that ALL of it energizes you and supports your absolute very BEST life?

Why do you get to a point where you feel like you're just "doing your time" waiting for life to pass in an almost apathetic state, versus feeling the energy of life roaring through your energy systems actively LIVING life?

Most importnatly, how can you take control back and bring your life back to life!?

In this deep dive training, I'll give you everything you need to not just unlock your power that you KNOW is in there but it always seems JUST OUT OF REACH, but LIVE from your power in a way that is impossible to describe until after you've gomne through this training. Just like thousands of others from every walk of life, background, and demographic have already done!

Mental Energy - The Power of Your Mind is Literally Immeasurable. When You Learn How Simple It Is To Put That Power To Work For You, You'll Be Shocked and Amazed At Your Own Capabilities!

Emotional Energy - This is the fuel that drives your entire life! I'm going to show you how to STOP living as a watered down version of yourself and give you the confidence and certainty to shine like the supernova you really are!

Physical Energy System - Your entire life is BUILT by action. DUH! But how many times have you been beaten by the old procratination and self sabotage monster? You know if you just did the thing, you'd feel better, you make progress, you create joy and excitement, and you feel a sense of purpose but... No matter how hard you try, there's some weird force that STOPS you from taking the simple actions that get you everything you want in life? I'm going to show you how to recalibrate that mechanism that stops you so that it practically MAKES you take action becasue it's FUN!

I'm going to show you how to get into the parts of you that create what most would call "MAGIC" and give you access to what at first will feel like super powers! We're going to delicatley and carefully "reset and recalibrate" your mind, heart, and body to work for you instead of fight against you!

We're going to powerfully reclaim your power, together, to create and produce the EXACT resutls you want the very most doing exactly what naturally you do all day every day already. It's so natural, the only way you'll even know you're doing it is becasue you'll feel "new" and "fresh" again and your life will begin to fill up with what you want. We're just going to tweak it a bit to work WITH your natural and unique energy signature.

Durirng this training, you're going to release the distress that stops you from living and experincing your best life!

I'm going to show you how to alchemize the power in the things you spend SO MUCH ENERGY trying to avoid and run away from like anixiety and fear, to empower you to become a person you don't even believe is possible right now!

And so much more! It's a complete A-Z overhaul and recalibration of your energy systems back to how you're designed to operate. As an immeasurably powerful creator of your life! Not a passive scavenger of whatever scraps life throws at your feet!

This training will be permanantly life changing for you!

11 Live Sessions with Mike, Diving Deep into each PowerLife Principle. And it's not some grueling lecture you have to sit through and slam energy drinks to stay awake! You're going to be buzzing with energy and feel good chemicals during and after each session PLUS have a direction to use that energy. This is an experince not a boring training. 1 session each day for 11 days. Times range from 40 minutes to just over an hour.

Don't worry if you can't make a live session. I'm going to give you every Video & Audio recordings of each session. You'll get links and notifications of every training so you won't miss a thing! And of course, you'll have access to full support. We are HUGE on support! It's one of the things we're knonw for and that people really appreciate about PowerLife!

Plus I'm giving you my Entire Training Library as an additional and supplemental support resource. These trainings, worksheets, and courses will fill ANY gap you have in your life! People from all around the world, including many big named influencers, have used these trainings to amplifuy their lives in every area. If there was a full "pot of gold" in personal development, life enhancment, productivity, empowerment, and achievement this is it!

VIP Access (limited to 50) also get a 30 minute private session with me after the training.

PLUS everyone will have access to work privately with a PowerLife Mentor after the training to create more momentum than you believe is possible for you. (Most people don't believe what happens to them and their life and fully beleived it was imposssible before they started working with us)

Only $1999

NOPE! Keep Going!

Bonus Supplemental and Supportive Training - The PowerLife Pot Of Gold!

$19.99 • #1 Bestselling book in Personal Development: The PowerLife Principles (Digital Copy)

$29.99 • #1 Bestseller in Personal Development: The PowerLife Principles (Audio Book)

$29.99 • The PowerLife Principles Activation Workbook #1 Bestselling book in Personal Development: The PowerLife Principles (Digital Copy)

$999.99 The PowerLife Comprehensive and Focused Deep Dive (Recorded Live) including Exercises for all 11 Principles

o Highest Energy Wins Exercise - How To DIscover Your Unique Power.

o Contrast and Duality Exercise - How To Become An Alchemy Mastery!

o The Power of Perspectives Exercise - How To Free Your Mind From Trouble.

o Attraction Exercise - How To Make The Success You Want Chase You!

o The Process of Creation Exercise - How To Get Through The Challenges Without Quitting on Yourself.

o Awareness Creates Possibility Exercise - How To Find Supportive Resources Hidden In Plain Sight!

o Decisions Exercise - How To Make Commanding Decisions With Confidence.

o Progress not Perfection Exercise - How To Make A TINY Shift Create HUGE Improvments.

o Allowing Success Into Your Life Exercise - How To Win Every Time Before You Ever Even Start Playing the Game!

o Use It or Lose It Exercise - How To Know When To Grow Or Maintain So That You Don't Burnout While Still Making Maximum Progress.

o Pass the Torch Exercise - Learn The ONLY Way to Leave a True Legacy

$499 - The Energy Triad System

o Mental Energy - How To Maximize Your Power Of Creation

o Emotional Energy - How To Amplify Your Ability To Create

o Physical Energy - How to Get Into Action Mode Automatically WITHOUT Procrastination or Self Sabotage!

o Success Component - How To Create A Constant True North Towards What You Want!

o Power Sleep - How To Make & Create While You Sleep!

o 90 Day Success Tracker - A Simple Tracking Guide To Stay The Course

$99 - Exposing the C.O.R.E. (Creation Of Raw Energy)

There are 4 primary emotions that all other emotions come from. This simple understanding will install a calmness and empowerment in your life like you've never felt!

$49 - 30 Days to Mastery

Imagine what your life will look like when you can create unbreakable habits and routines in 30 days based around ANYTHING you apply this simple method to?

$1499 - The Power Manifesting Method

(Video Training) Highest Energy Wins - How To Discover What You Are Actually Made Of By Increasing Your Amplitue! (You know there's more. But you just don't know how to tap into it! Yet...)

(Video Training and Exercises) Duality - How to NEVER get stuck in a downward spiral, EVER again!

(Video Training and Exercises) Target Practice - How to discover what you truly want! Not what the world wants from you, but what you deeply want for yourself in your soul!

(Worksheet) PowerLife Code - How to create a powerful code of honor, ethics and values that will guide you safely and proudly through your life!

(Worksheet) Wheel of Life Exercise - How to operate in harmony so you don't need balance! Become aware of your strengths and weakness in minutes!

(Video Training) - The Pot of Gold -Discover Why Motivation Doesn't Work To Get You Across The Finish Line and Replace it With What Does!

(Worksheet) Path To The Pot of Gold Exercise - Use this workheet to tap into the most powerful force in the universe that ensures you never fail to reach your targets!

(Video Training) The Butterfly Story - This single training has been responsible for instant and complete life transformations in 1,000's of people. Just about every week I get a note from someone who saw this training years back telling me the imnpact it continues to have on their lives! This single training is something you cannot put a price tag on!

(Video Training) Your Human Super Power - How To Create The ULTIMATE Empowerment And Freedom in SECONDS!

(Video Training) Hunter Gatherer - You know how 100 White Fords Can Blow By You and You Don't Even Notice Them BUT THE SECOND You Buy One, They're EVERYWHERE? Imagine if you could recrate that with money, energy, power, love, significance, etc? This will show you how!

(Worksheet/Exercise) TOP SECRET Exercise - This is another PRICELESS training that literally increases and amplifies your value by multiples becasue it makes you a sorcerer to others! You can show someone how to legit use a dozen donuts to lose weight after you go through this training! Students have used this to create money, health, love, jobs, etc out of seemingly nothing and I still get ongoing positive feedback from as far as 16 years ago!

(Video Training) The Advanced Energy Triad System - Want magic powers? Want to truly understand how to make attraction predictable and not left to the will of any other force? Want to permanantly END procrastination and self sabotage? Want to finally connect your infinite curcuit of power!? Here's where I show you how!

(Video Training) Hidden Resources - You've Been Through A LOT in Life! Paid Your Dues SO To Speak. But do you know how incredibly powerful your past is? You Have NO IDEA What Your Holding In Your Hands Right Now! Watch This Video And You'll Have An Excitment and Appreciation For Yourself Like Never Before!

(Video Training) Momentum - How To Create Enough Momentum FAST To Stay The Course, Even When You Get Hit By Life With A Sneaky Left Hook!

This Entire Training IS The Holy Grail Of Personal Development. All Of Your Coaches, Mentors, Gurus, Guides, and Advisors Use Tiny Parts Of This Training. I know Becasue I've Taught Many of Them. But You Get It ALL Here. In One Clean Training Course With Video, Audio, Worksheets, and Exercises to Put It All To Work For You!

$99 - Creating Confidence (29 min mp4) - A Powerful Set Of Tools To Create More Confidence In Your Life

$49 - Energy Mastery in 30 Seconds (30 min mp4) - Use this in a pinch when you need a little boost of self generated power!

$199 - Confidence on Command - Recorded LIVE! Confidence Is A Recipe, Not One Thing! Learn The Recipe And You Learn How To Cultivate Confidence On Command In Any Curcumstance and For Any Situation. Even The Tough One!

$299 - PowerLife One Step - One of the MOST scary things to do for anyone changing their life is to take the first real step. The step that releases their grip from whats old to be able to reach for whats new. In this 6 day course, I delicately but powerfully help guide you through that process so that you can finally be free from the weight of your old life that's crushing down on your soul so hard, it makes it hard to breathe! (video version and audio version)

$199 - The PowerLife Money Bridge Video Training

Building the Bridge - How to create a bridge for money to enter your life.

Life Budget - Learning "YOUR" numbers. These are unique to each person but if you don't know them, you'l'l fall victim to all kinds of fuckery around money!

Money Mindset - Money literally CONSUMES many people's energy because it gets so much creedence. Learning this simple mindset shift in money takes the power money has over you and turns it into power you have over money!

The Four Pillars - There are 4 basic pillars to support the Money Bridge. I show you what they are and how to build them so that money has easy access to your life!

$149 - PowerLife Values (video and audio version) - Where did you learn the values you live by? Statistically, there's a 96% chance you DID NOT create them based on your true default and authenticy energy signature. Once you learn to align your values with yourt natural frequency, boundaries automatically form that allow the right people in and keep the wrong ones out!

$99X50 - $4,950 - Best of Videos Only Available In The Private Members Only PowerLife Academy

These are intimate, deep trainings for my most valued members. Some are very personal stories, some are specific topics by request. ALL are packed with real, raw, authenticity that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in this space.

I'm including these mostly as a support mechanism to keep your energy SUPERCHARGED!

90 Days to Master New Stuff


Accountability Partners

Are You Afraid of Your Own Power


Before and After

Change is Good


Covid Tales and Focus

Creating Experience

Energy Mastery in 30 Seconds

Energy Mismatch

Enlightenment and Power

Fear of Loss

Fighting for Limitations

Finding Your Way Home

F*#@ Off Exercise


Getting Unstuck – Magic Monkey Bars

Good Evil Magic

Health and Energy

How To Create Inspiration

How to Handle Multiple Problems

How to Solve 90 Percent of The World’s Problems

How To Use Your Funk To Get Out Of It and Maximize it’s Peak


It’s All Good

Obstacles, Blocks and Limits


Progress is all that Matters

Protocol Props

Real Time Feedback of the Power of Your Thoughts

Relationships For Life




The Bee and The Monk

The Bridge Abyss and Hero’s Welcome


The Island and the Question Mark

The Monster of Addiction

The PowerLife Principles in Business

The Price You Pay

The Reward

The Stick

Thermostat or Thermometer


Visualization Myths


Your Uniqueness

$11,168,96 Value!

This is my "Last Dance"!

I'm not doing another live online event on this EVER again!

And I want a full house becasue we're gonna blow the roof off your life so all that's left is as high as you can go!

VIP (50) ONLY $1499!

All Access ONLY $999!

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